What makes a powerful infographic

In the article “The Power of Infographics”, we showed that infographics are excellent and versatile tools for medical affairs teams because they get to the point, spark conversation, and help you reach more people in your target audience.

In this article, we give the 7 key ingredients for infographics with the power to educate HCPs and your medical affairs team while giving them a lasting impression of the story behind your data. Read more

10 steps for powerful infographics

Creating an informative yet engaging medical infographic is not easy. If it were, pharma companies wouldn’t invest in our knowledge and experience in developing them. But even though making great infographics isn’t easy, that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated.

Here are 10 steps we use at CAST PHARMA to develop infographics that meet client needs and engage target audiences. Read more

The power of infographics

When training your medical affairs team, you face several challenges to getting them on board. To show them the ropes, you need relevant and complete materials. These materials need to be easy to understand for your team and their respective target audience, whether health care professionals (HCPs), key opinion leaders (KOLs), or patients. The materials should facilitate conversations with the target audience. And you should be able to easily reuse and adapt them. Checking all these boxes, infographics can be your mainstay on the voyage from training to launch! Read more

Why onboarding a team is like a dance class

Imagine going to a dance class and not knowing anyone. You feel completely out of place. You’re struggling to learn the steps, keep up with the music, and avoid collisions with other dancers. Everyone else in the room knows each other already. They are all moving in unison while you are still trying to figure out what to do with your feet. This is how many new employees feel when they join a company.
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Why pharmaceutical companies need a visual storytelling agency

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies today work with many specialized agencies to position their brands and develop their communication goals for different therapeutic areas. It is often difficult to determine which tasks can be performed by which type of agency.

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Analogies – thinking outside the box

Medical and marketing managers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry are often faced with the following problem: Despite having produced extensive materials, they still fail to get their key message across to the target audience. Read more

How simple infographics can add value to your presentation

Today’s slide illustrates how simple infographics in combination with precise statements can add value to your presentation. The original slide shows a clear gap between visuals and texts: the visuals fail to support the content, misdirect the viewer’s focus, and are even misleading.

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Transforming a boring image with bullet points into a slide reflecting the beauty and complexity of nature

Today’s slide is meant to introduce a more extensive topic but, with its dense text and unimpressive graphic, it would fail to excite a target group’s curiosity.

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Communicating complex content clearly with animated infographics

If you need to take in a lot of information within a short space of time, you cannot afford to delve into complicated tables or long scientific papers. Read more