Medical Animation and Explainer Videos


Visual storytelling with
medical animation and explainer videos

When it comes to illustrating mechanism of action and mechanism of disease, medical animation is the gold standard in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Sometimes you might just need eye candy to grab attention at a (virtual) booth. But in most cases, the primary objective is helping your audience understand complex science. You need to educate and inspire. You want more than superficially appealing visuals. You need animation that brings your story to life and brings your message home to the audience.

Typical scenarios for the development
of medical animation and explainer videos

The right type of animation to tell your story

A solid therapeutic area understanding and the ability to present complex scientific topics in a comprehensible way are crucial for our visual storytelling experts. However, choosing an appropriate visual style is equally important to the success of an animated film. That’s why we offer a wide range of visual options that will make your project a success story.

Find out more about the right type of animation for your needs:

Find out more about the right visual approach for your needs:

Find out more about the right type of animation for your needs:

Medical animation—visual and didactic approach

We combine all these advantages in our various types of medical animation. We use stylistic elements such as 3D animation and 2D infographics in a meaningful way that makes sense for the intended communication goal. At the end of each project, our customers receive editable files—a clean feed of the video with an editable AfterEffects file—to ensure easy localization of our materials.

  • 2D Effective

  • 2D and 3D elements are moved across the screen
    • Effective entry into scientific communication
    • Visual language that focuses on the essentials
  • 2D/3D Cross-over

  • Meaningful combination of 3D animation and 2D infographic elements
    • Clear and modern visual language
    • Ideal way to tell a complex yet visually appealing story
  • 3D Impact

  • Appealing 3D animation for maximum visual impact
    • Eye-catcher for (virtual) congress booths
    • Cutting edge animation to impress audiences
  • Custom

  • 2D/3D animation in combination with other elements (e.g., interviews)
    • Your individual mix tailored to your story
    • Real footage or stock material
  • upon request

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Explainer videos—visual and didactic approach

Explainer videos involve short animated sequences that explain scientific concepts in a simple, engaging, and compelling way. They use clear and concise language and attractive visuals that quickly grab the viewer’s attention.

At CAST PHARMA, we know that every message and every audience is unique. That’s why we create explainer videos with the right style and the right animation for the story each client wants to tell.

  • Hands and strokes

  • Drawn or static objects are moved across the screen
    • Hand drawn with passion
    • Visual language that focuses on the essentials
  • Motion

  • Objects and characters are slightly animated
    • Clear, modern visual language
    • Can also be combined with hand animation
  • Complex Movement

  • Objects and characters are brought to life
    • Highly animated figures and complex realistic scenarios
    • Ideal for emotional connection and gaining acceptance
  • Custom

  • Let us design your preferred style and animation
    • Your individual style tailored to your story
    • On request, based on your corporate design
  • upon request

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