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Visual Storytelling for
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Strengthen the impact of your booth or congress session

The date is fast approaching for a congress that’s a big deal for your team’s therapeutic area. You’re all working to get everything ready on time: slides, videos, handouts, and speakers for your booth and for the sessions your company is supporting. You’re helping inform healthcare professionals, so they can make the right choices with their patients. You’re spreading ideas among key opinion leaders that can help to shift paradigms towards more patient-centric approaches to therapy.

To achieve these goals, you need materials tailored to the audience and the information you want to convey. These materials also need to be tailored to the occasion, whether an industry expert presentation in a ballroom full of specialists or a congress booth video meant to attract passers-by.

At CAST PHARMA, we create content in formats you and your team can easily review and rapidly deploy to enhance your presence at congresses.

For medical booth content, we create engaging animated videos, interactive infographics and presentations, poster illustrations and infographics, as well as brochures and flyers. For congress sessions such as a KOL symposium or an industry theater presentation, we create highly visual slide decks.


Animated videos for congress booths

Animated videos run in almost every pharma congress booth, from 3D mechanism of action videos to 2D clinical study explainer videos. An effective congress booth video should first draw people to your booth. But keeping them there takes more than “just” eye-catching visuals. Videos at your booth should be didactically powered for your target audience and the information you want to share with them.

Medical animation examples

Explainer video examples

Interactive infographics and booths presentations

While videos are useful for quickly getting your audience topline information, interactive infographics and slide decks are better equipped for longer interactions with booth visitors. This gives you the chance to cover medical information in more depth. Interactive infographics use visuals, animation, and intuitive navigation to guide booth visitors through the content step by step.

Congress sessions from industry expert theater presentations to symposia

Sessions are the main reason HCPs attend congresses. It’s all the more important, then, that your presentations give them the information they’re looking for with powerful visuals to help them understand and remember that information. Whether clinical trial results, groundbreaking pathophysiology research, or the latest developments in your therapeutic area, visual storytelling is a winning strategy for your congress sessions.

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In this whitepaper, we look at how studies are typically presented, highlight common mistakes, and demonstrate how visual storytelling can visualize a study and its results.

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Your data has an important story to tell. And your audience will benefit from learning that story. With clear, appealing visuals and a solid design, your scientific story will make a big splash. This free whitepaper will show you ways to significantly improve your existing slide decks. And we’ll also take a look at some more creative uses of PowerPoint.

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