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Visual Storytelling for
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Make your learning and training content a great experience

The launch date for your company’s product is getting closer and closer. People joining your team need to be prepared for their jobs as quickly as possible. You need a solid training strategy with high-quality and didactically well-designed materials. Your med comms department has heaps of papers, slide decks, and other materials. But you can’t just throw it all at new recruits. You need a curriculum to structure that content. You need the right materials to start your team on their learning journey.

At CAST PHARMA, we unite scientific, didactic, and design expertise to transform your raw scientific content into highly visual learning materials. We tailor these materials to the learning community and the demands of their jobs. With our visual storytelling approach, we deliver powerful eLearning modules, job aids, and training activities in formats that are easy to review and use. And our materials are always optimized for your company’s training infrastructure, whether we’re making an activity for a live training, or a module for your learning management system.

build interactive, SCORM-compatible eLearning modules.

Use the power of visual storytelling to

produce medical animation and explainer videos.

create engaging slide decks.

design engaging activities for live and online training.

develop interactive eLearning modules.

craft powerful infographics, one-pagers, and job aids.

eLearning Courses

Flexible self-directed learning tools

Because new people may join your team at different times and with varying skill levels, training tools for onboarding need to be flexible. eLearning tools, which allow employees to start and continue working at a level and speed appropriate for each individual, are a great way to offer this flexibility.

Classroom Activities

Effective classroom training

A masterclass is an in-person training event designed to help experienced learners activate existing knowledge. Masterclasses focus on a combination of presentations and collaborative learning activities, thus combining facilitated, active, and social learning processes in a “flipped classroom” approach. These sessions promote knowledge synthesis and critical thinking.

Virtual Classrooms

Options for continued learning

Making sure your team is up to date on the latest information can be challenging–you need tools that extend the reach of your learning and training initiatives without adding staff or increasing travel budgets, and your employees need training that doesn’t interfere with their other responsibilities.

Microlearnings, webinars, and virtual classrooms ensure that your team is able to learn where and when they need. These tools are easy to update and deploy, quick to complete, and available on the go.

Free medical training brochure

In this brochure, we talk about how to challenge learners without overwhelming them, how to attach meaningful goals to a learning, and what type of learning works best for different topics.

Download medical training brochure

Drawing on scientifically supported theories about how people learn, this eBook will show you the opportunities visual storytelling provides, how it can be used to achieve the best results, the development of a typical project, and 12 tips for motivating your staff to learn.

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