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As a decision maker in purchasing agency services, you are responsible for identifying the best partners for your organization. To support you in this process, on this page you will find the most important information about our agency CAST PHARMA, including our team, our range of services, and our cost structure.

Who we work for

Our customers are medical and marketing teams responsible for scientific communication about innovative pharmaceutical and biotech products. Their challenge: the science behind their products is not sufficiently understood. With our unique visual storytelling approach, we help them explain complex scientific topics to internal as well as external audiences.

We make complex
medical science accessible!

Our Team

CAST PHARMA has been successful in the market for more than 20 years. With 3 locations in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific as well as 70 dedicated employees, we work for both global and local organizations. We offer a high degree of personal engagement with deep expertise in medical sciences, content strategy, technical understanding, and creative services. The unique combination of in-house medical expertise and creative expertise results in exceptional solutions that are cost-effective with a high ROI.

Fact sheet of CAST PHARMA

General information
    Visual Storytelling

  • Scientific illustrations
  • PowerPoint slide decks
  • Explainer videos and 3D animated MoA videos
  • Medical learning and training
Office locationsUS (New York),
Germany (Dresden)
Quick turnaround times
Localisations English and German internally; all others externally
Professional voice-over recordings
In-house medical expertise
Briefing on high scientific level
Didactic concepts for all learning materials
Concept development
Literature research English and German
Scientific referencing and independent upload in approval systems
Medical writing English and German
Adressing different target groups patients/lay audiences and HCPs
In-house graphical expertise
Scientific illustrations
Publication figures and graphical abstracts as editable ppt files for last-minute changes
Awareness documents and brochures
Infographics and data visualisation
Slide decks specialties: interactive menus, voice-over, animations, 3D-objects, speakers notes
Mode of disease and mode of action videos
Study visualisation videos
Patient-centric videos
(SCORM-compatible) eLearning courses
Supporting media for bootcamps and classroom activities virtual and non-virtual
Different graphical styles 3D, 2D flat, sketched
Delivery of editable source files .ppt, .indd, .ai., .eps, .psd, .aep, .prproj

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