Transforming a live training session into a self-study tool for medical affairs

Training sessions are an essential aspect of any medical affairs team in a pharmaceutical or biotech company. They provide an opportunity for medical affairs professionals to learn about the latest developments, industry best practices, and new product launches. But face-to-face or online training sessions have some limitations. The most obvious: only those who participate on the day of the training session get to access the content. This means that all those who could not participate in the session, as well as new medical affairs professionals who join later, miss out on the valuable information. Read more

Medical booth animation that adds value

Animated videos run in almost every pharma congress booth, from 3D MoA and MoD videos, to 2D clinical study explainer videos. An effective congress booth video should first draw people to your booth. But keeping them there takes more than “just” eye-catching visuals.

Any video at your booth should be didactically powered for your target audience and the information you want to share with them. Read more

Educating or impressing? For the right effect, choose the right visual approach

Working in pharma, you use visual aids every day to talk about the latest developments in medical science. Maybe you’re explaining a disease’s pathophysiology and potential therapeutic targets to a physician. Maybe you’re presenting a new therapeutic’s mechanism of action to a group of key opinion leaders. Or maybe you’re training your MSLs to share the results of a recently published phase III trial. Read more

Understanding science – the difference between a graphic design agency and a visual storytelling agency

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most complex and highly regulated industries in the world. So, to communicate effectively with stakeholders like patients and doctors, it’s important that the message comes across clearly and accurately. We want to set the record straight and show what a graphic design agency and a visual storytelling agency can do for the pharmaceutical industry and which partner understands the science behind your products best. Read more

Why onboarding a team is like a dance class

Imagine going to a dance class and not knowing anyone. You feel completely out of place. You’re struggling to learn the steps, keep up with the music, and avoid collisions with other dancers. Everyone else in the room knows each other already. They are all moving in unison while you are still trying to figure out what to do with your feet. This is how many new employees feel when they join a company.
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The power of humor: why it matters in scientific communication

Humor in scientific communication? Like bad knock-knock jokes about tyrosine kinases? You might think humor undermines scientific credibility. Or that it’s inappropriate in communication about serious medical conditions. But interestingly, science as well as experience with hundreds of films, slide decks, and activities tell us otherwise. Read more

Cloud-based explainer video tools versus a visual storytelling agency: which one is right for you?

Whether you’re a pharma marketing manager or medical communications manager, every day you need to package information attractively for your target audience. Explainer videos can have an enormous impact. But who will write the storyboard? Who will animate the video? And why can’t you just do it yourself with some cheap software? Why bother explaining everything to an agency? Read more

Different tools for different audiences: animated PowerPoint presentation vs animated film

HCPs, patients, and employees need reliable information, so they can make more informed decisions. Your MSLs need to learn how to communicate with specialists about newly published clinical trial results. Read more

Tailor-made country adaptations for animated films

Clients often ask us if we can translate videos we’ve produced for them. Yes, we absolutely can! We have translated our films into many languages, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and more. Read more

Why pharmaceutical companies need a visual storytelling agency

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies today work with many specialized agencies to position their brands and develop their communication goals for different therapeutic areas. It is often difficult to determine which tasks can be performed by which type of agency.

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