Understanding the concept of an anti-tumor vaccine

In today’s episode of our series “How to make complex medical science accessible”, we will show how we turned a complex immunological cascade set off by an anti-tumor vaccine into an easily understandable step-by-step sequence in PowerPoint.

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How to build better slide decks

Today we explore the simple, practical, concrete steps you can take to develop more effective and engaging slide decks for scientific communication.

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Stress response physiology

In today’s episode of our series “How to make complex medical science accessible,” we would like to use an example to show how to turn a complex slide about physiological processes in the human brain into an easily understandable animation sequence in PowerPoint.

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Escape Mechanisms Slide Deck

Today we will look at how to get the most out of scientific slide decks in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Over the past 20 years we have seen scientific slide decks almost every day.

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Sharpening the message of key study results

To differentiate their product from the competition, communicating the results of scientific studies is crucial for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Their MSLs need effective tools in order to be able to engage health care professionals in a meaningful dialogue. Read more

Telling a visual story using a scientific slide deck

Scientific slide decks, mostly implemented in PowerPoint, play many important roles in medical affairs:
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Self-directed learning with PowerPoint: visually appealing and cost effective

Training for Medical Affairs is always challenging—particularly in the onboarding phase, when employees with different knowledge levels start their jobs at different points in time. Read more

Visual storytelling – the fast lane into the minds of your target group

Your messages constantly compete with a host of other information, bombarding your target group daily. As a result, the following rule applies: Read more

Different tools for different audiences: animated PowerPoint presentation vs 3D animated film

Over the last few years, more and more pharmaceutical and biotech companies have discovered digital deliverables and have started taking advantage of this wide range of digital media formats Read more

Communicating complex content clearly with animated infographics

If you need to take in a lot of information within a short space of time, you cannot afford to delve into complicated tables or long scientific papers. Read more