Do-it-yourself or delegate? The question of creating a scientific slide deck

If you work in pharma, you know slide decks are the mainstay of scientific communication. They allow companies to relay complex medical ideas in ways that are digestible and easy to understand. Making a basic slide deck is relatively easy. PowerPoint is user-friendly, and pharma companies have robust scientific knowledge in-house. So why would anyone outsource their scientific slide decks to a visual storytelling agency? Here are some points to consider when you need to decide if it’s better to develop a slide deck yourself or it’s better to work with an external agency.
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How to improve an existing knowledge base slide deck?

In today’s case study, we’ll look at a very typical case: editing and improving an existing slide deck. This slide deck is intended to serve as a knowledge base for self-study.
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Understanding science – the difference between a graphic design agency and a visual storytelling agency

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most complex and highly regulated industries in the world. So, to communicate effectively with stakeholders like patients and doctors, it’s important that the message comes across clearly and accurately. We want to set the record straight and show what a graphic design agency and a visual storytelling agency can do for the pharmaceutical industry and which partner understands the science behind your products best. Read more

How to develop engaging interactive presentations for conference booths with PowerPoint

How to develop engaging interactive presentations for conference booths with PowerPoint

After two tough years of the COVID-19 pandemic with almost no on-site scientific events, medical conferences are finally getting back to normal. People are increasingly meeting face-to-face again, not only via Teams, Zoom, or virtual conferences. It is once again time for creative ideas to make booths attractive and fill them with compelling content.
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Different tools for different audiences: animated PowerPoint presentation vs animated film

HCPs, patients, and employees need reliable information, so they can make more informed decisions. Your MSLs need to learn how to communicate with specialists about newly published clinical trial results. Read more

Why pharmaceutical companies need a visual storytelling agency

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies today work with many specialized agencies to position their brands and develop their communication goals for different therapeutic areas. It is often difficult to determine which tasks can be performed by which type of agency.

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Why it makes sense to hire an outsourcing agency instead of creating slide decks internally

PowerPoint presentations are extremely powerful tools to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies reach their communication goals. They can serve as eLearning courses, scientific platforms, or live-presentations at (virtual) congresses. Unfortunately, despite this potential, the development of PowerPoint slide decks often does not get the attention it deserves. Read more

Analogies – thinking outside the box

Medical and marketing managers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry are often faced with the following problem: Despite having produced extensive materials, they still fail to get their key message across to the target audience. Read more

How a clear goal makes a better slide deck

Today we are going to discuss why not having a clear goal is a reason a slide deck might fail. But why do our slide decks need a goal in the first place? Think about it! Read more

How to transform a boring slide deck into an exciting scientific visual story

It’s true. PowerPoint presentations have a bad reputation in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. All too often, they’re boring and stuffed full of information that nobody can remember, or else so badly designed that they leave audiences bewildered. And yet every day countless new bad slides are created for yet more yawn-inducing presentations. Read more