Fast Sketch Picture Sequence

Visual storytelling – fast sketch

Over the past two to three years, there has been a huge increase in the use of Fast Sketch animation to convey explanations and information. Read more

Visual storytelling – the fast lane into the minds of your target group

Your messages constantly compete with a host of other information, bombarding your target group daily. As a result, the following rule applies: Read more

Analogies – thinking outside the box

Analogies – thinking outside the box

Product managers in pharmaceutical marketing are often faced with the following problem: Despite having produced extensive materials, they still fail to get their key message across to the target audience. Read more

Stereoscopic 3D Animation

Stereoscopic 3D animations

Stereoscopic 3D animations need technical expertise. But a great show is not enough: huge amounts of scientific information can be communicated memorably when combined with an ingenious story. Read more