Medical Learning and Training


Visual storytelling for medical learning and training

High-quality training is absolutely vital in the pharmaceutical industry. Because so much depends on your employees’ ability to understand and communicate complex scientific material, it is critical that they have access to training that is clear, consistent, and comprehensive.

By using different approaches according to each user’s learning stage and goals, our training tools build upon your employees’ existing skills and knowledge and prepare them to provide expert information to both internal and external stakeholders.

Typical scenarios for the development
of medical learning and training solutions

To facilitate the learning process, we at CAST PHARMA design custom and off-the-shelf training tools based on the matrix below.




eLearning Courses

Flexible self-directed learning tools

Because new people may join your team at different times and with varying skill levels, training tools for onboarding need to be flexible. eLearning tools, which allow employees to start and continue working at a level and speed appropriate for each individual, are a great way to offer this flexibility.

Classroom Activities

Effective classroom training

A masterclass is an in-person training event designed to help experienced learners activate existing knowledge. Masterclasses focus on a combination of presentations and collaborative learning activities, thus combining facilitated, active, and social learning processes in a “flipped classroom” approach. These sessions promote knowledge synthesis and critical thinking.

Virtual Classrooms

Options for continued learning

Making sure your team is up to date on the latest information can be challenging–you need tools that extend the reach of your learning and training initiatives without adding staff or increasing travel budgets, and your employees need training that doesn’t interfere with their other responsibilities.

Microlearnings, webinars, and virtual classrooms ensure that your team is able to learn where and when they need. These tools are easy to update and deploy, quick to complete, and available on the go.

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