Scientific Slide Decks

Scientific Slide Decks


Visual storytelling with engaging scientific slide decks

Slide decks are used in many ways in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries as well as in clinical stage companies and biotech startups: for product compendiums, for presentations, for learning and training, and as investor decks. At their best, they can reach both external and internal audiences, helping them make informed choices. But slide decks also have a reputation for being dry and boring. Almost everyone has sat through lengthy presentations based on text-heavy slides. Too often the information in these slide decks is ripped from different sources and slapped together with little visual appeal, consistency, or story flow. The result: slides with no clear focal point that leave the audience yawning with boredom or scratching their heads in confusion.

We are not reinventing the use of slide decks, but with our visual storytelling approach, we make existing decks visually exciting, easier to understand, and more accessible for different scenarios.

Typical slide deck use cases from our customers

Slide examples


No clear entry point
Unintuitive design without a clear logical structure
Too much information on the slide

Clear visual entry point

Consistent and intuitive design approach

Information organized spatially and sequentially



Meaningless headline / key message at the bottom
Inconsistent formatting
Unnecessary abbreviations in footnote section

Key message as headline

Consistent design and formatting

Only relevant abbreviations in footnote section



Ineffective use of space
Inconsistent formatting
Poor readability

Copy spaced out

Consistent formatting

Improved readability



No discernible key message
Layout with unclear separation of data sets
Redundant information

Guided view towards the key message

Layout with clear separation of data sets

Text reduced to avoid unnecessary redundancy


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