Stereoscopic 3D Animation

Stereoscopic 3D animations

Stereoscopic 3D animations need technical expertise. But a great show is not enough: huge amounts of scientific information can be communicated memorably when combined with an ingenious story. It is a great tool to liven up launch events and provides an exciting experience for brand teams, too.

Stereoscopic productions employ two slightly different camera perspectives, one for the viewer’s left eye and one for the right. Using special equipment and 3D glasses, you can thrill your audience with the resulting stereoscopic effects.
Molecules float off the screen and zoom or spin through the air, making clear their structures and unique binding sites while turning launch meetings into unforgettable events!
Conveniently, single-view formats for the further use of the video on websites or in iPad presentations are already part of the stereoscopic production and subsequent deliverables.