Tailor-made country adaptations for animated films

Clients often ask us if we can translate videos we’ve produced for them. Yes, we absolutely can! We have translated our films into many languages, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and more.

We know the adapted film needs to have the same high quality as the original film, and it needs to meet local branding and legal requirements. Your affiliates probably need to include local regulatory information and packshots. The on-screen text and voice-over need to be translated and incorporated into the video.

The film has been really well received and now our affiliates in many different countries are asking if the it can be translated. Are you able to do this? How quickly can I have the adaptation?



Timelines for an adaptation are typically short, and as our video editing team is familiar with the films to be adapted, the production process can be streamlined. We aim to complete the adaptations with as little effort required by the customer as possible, and we usually work directly with the local affiliates from the various countries. Not including our client’s approval process, we aim to complete a language adaptation in about 2 weeks.

Workflow for translation

The steps for creating a local country adaptation are clearly set down in our established workflow. These include accurately translating all text, both on-screen and spoken. This is done by our in-house team or by a medical translation agency with whom we’ve worked closely over the years. We then send the storyboard to the local affiliate to ensure that all local brand and regulatory requirements are met. We also send samples of voice-over artists that speak the target language, so that your affiliate can choose the voice that will work best for them.


So now all the pieces of the language adaption are ready, and our editors can produce the new film. This means exchanging any packshots, adding any extra regulatory information, and changing all on-screen text to the new language. Timing the animations to the new voice-over is one of the most important parts of the production. The length of a voice-over can vary substantially depending on the language.  It takes more than just laying a new voice-over over existing animation. It requires precise cutting, attention to detail, and a lot of fine tuning. Since we produced the original film, we have the technical insight and flexibility to fit the voice-over to the animation seamlessly.

In the end, affiliates in different countries can benefit from getting a polished film with text, packshots and regulatory information tailored to their market quickly and cost-effectively.

Do you have any questions about medical animation or country adaptations?

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