Transforming a boring image with bullet points into a slide reflecting the beauty and complexity of nature

Today’s slide is meant to introduce a more extensive topic but, with its dense text and unimpressive graphic, it would fail to excite a target group’s curiosity.

The slide consists of a single poor-quality image of the structure of a GPCR and several bullet points that present different facts sometimes as words/phrases and sometimes as long sentences. There are also some mistakes and inconsistencies in punctuation and grammar.

Input material provided

So what can be done?

A colorful picture reflecting the beauty and complexity of nature grabs attention and inspires curiosity about this large group of evolution-related proteins. We integrated the structure of the G protein-coupled receptor into a PDB image (Protein Data Bank) before rendering it with 3D software and positioning it in a 3D space using image processing. Because this is an introductory slide, we labelled only the essential parts of the GPCR: the details will be found on subsequent slides.

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