A highly interactive PPT to educate nurses in oncology and hematology

Within a few weeks and from different sources and existing presentations, we assembled two new PowerPoint presentations, completely overhauled in terms of didactics and visuals, for use at further education events for nurses in oncology and hematology.

The training challenge

Connecting with healthcare professionals, key opinion leaders, and patients is an essential part of promoting pharmaceutical products. Recent studies have shown that non-promotional training and education are more and more often becoming an important addition to traditional marketing. Our client wanted to initiate a comprehensive training program for nurses about chemotherapy and the corresponding management of side effects. Their demands for a new approach were ambitious:

  • Tell an engaging and consistent visual story
  • Avoid text-intensive slides
  • Make the content easily accessible
iPad presentation

Engaging Interactive PPT

We have a large amount of good material and excellent data, but everything is far too complicated and inadequately processed in visual terms. We need a consistent VISUAL STORY!

BEFORE: Scientific information provided

BEFORE: scientific information provided

AFTER: interactive PPT delivered

In the creation of this digital learning solution, we developed a focused concept and a set of animated PowerPoint presentations that combine excellent didactics with appealing and consistent visuals. These slide decks present all the basics needed to understand the mode of action of different chemotherapies and the development of side effects such as anemia and neutropenia. We imagined the cell cycle checkpoints as traffic lights, tumor cells as traffic offenders, and neutropenia as a roadblock on the long and burdensome path of chemotherapy.

It is astonishing that all this is possible using PowerPoint.

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