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A holistic, all-encompassing approach

Providing various digital tools about a first-in-class compound

What did the client need?

Acquiring investors, investigators and study participants is a time-consuming but essential task in the daily work of biotech startups. In addition, this is complicated by budgetary limitations. The client contacted us to find a solution to this problem with long-term results.  The solution was to include cost-effective tools that can be used for the various target groups; lay audiences, researchers as well as healthcare practitioners. The aim was to inform them about the necessary facts surrounding the research, the mode of action and also the on-going studies of the client’s first-in-class compound.

How did we meet this need?

Once we acquainted ourselves with the scientific background, we developed several visual tools tailor-made to specific target groups. On the one hand, information about the study procedure and side effects were aimed at potential study participants and packaged as fast sketch videos. This helped to get the message across in an easy-to-understand manner. On the other hand, highly scientific information including the mode of action – directed at medical experts – was visualized using 3D animations. Once the graphical universe existed, further tools such as educational PowerPoint presentations, scientific illustrations for brochures and interactive elements for touch screen devices could be produced making the project effective and efficient in terms of budget and time – a comprehensive pharma marketing success story.