Transforming “boring” pre-clinical data into
an understandable visual story

The right positioning on the market is essential for the commercial success of a drug. But what if your main distinguishing feature is based on pre-clinical data that is difficult to understand?



Our client offers the only formulation on the market that contains no complexing proteins. For the function of the naturally occurring molecule, these proteins are essential and a matter of debate between the competitors in this field. Recent lab experiments investigated the composition of the complex under various pH and salt conditions. The result: The complex begins to dissociate at pH levels above 6.9. Based on this finding, the logical conclusion is: There is no complex present at the injection site (pH 7.4), and thus the complexing proteins don’t have any therapeutic effect.

Chart Injection Site

If the complexing proteins have no therapeutic effect,
why can’t we simply throw them into the trash can?

iPad dustbin

This gave us the idea of an interactive tool that transforms the pre-clinical data and the conclusion into a memorable visual. The sales rep or the neurologist can themselves simply put the complexing proteins into the trash can, while the underlying message remains.

The main distinguishing feature of the product can now be explained in a visually captivating manner on the iPad, and also at congresses and conferences.

Why not explore new possibilities to communicate?