Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

Teaching the lay audience about the risks of UV light exposure

What did the client need?

The film should inform patients about the detrimental effects of UV light on the skin. Among the different types of cancer, the non-malignant skin cancers are the most common. Skin cancer can be prevented by skin protection e.g. with a sunscreen containing broadband filters for UV light.

How did we meet this need?

An informative 3D animation film was created that teaches the lay audience about the detrimental effects of UV light and the types of skin cancers it can provoke. Stock images help to introduce general topics within the film. Background information, e.g. about the different kind of UV-rays, are explained with the help of comprehensive 2D schematic illustrations. Scientific details about the anatomy of the skin or the effect of UV rays on the skin cell are shown as realistic, high-end 3D animations. In the last part of the film, the diverse skin cancer types are classified by combining 3D animations of the affected originator cell in the skin section with real life photography of skin lesions, supporting the viewer’s understanding of the complex facts. The film ends with the call for prevention and the presentation of a novel sunscreen protect that can achieve a broadband UV protection.

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