A pharmaceutical blood test
for early cancer detection

Using a genetic testing animation to inform
patients and HCPs about a new cancer test in
an appealing and easy-to-understand manner

Complicated genetic tests easily explained

A young Californian high-growth company sells genetic tests that detect individual genetic predispositions to certain diseases, including a newly developed blood test that is able to detect tumor DNA. This test method contributes to the early diagnosis of cancer and helps determine the recurrence of tumors after treatment is completed. In both cases, a timely diagnosis has significant impact on the success of treatment. Since the operating principle of a cancer test is very complicated and still relatively unknown, the company needed an animated film to present this pioneering test in a comprehensible and convincing way to patients and doctors.

An animation of genetic testing shows
how screening the blood for tumor
DNA can provide information about
the location and stage of cancer.
Potential clients are introduced to
the liquid biopsy test through
3D animations, which inform
them about and increase their
interest in purchasing the product.

Visual storytelling for your medical test

To win over patients and physicians, the blood test animation was presented and published on the company’s website and in social media.

Almost every test method can be explained through animation: diabetes tests, deficiency tests, or tests for genetic predisposition or allergies. Visual storytelling helps present analytical tests such as pharmacokinetic, preclinical, or clinical tests in a way that is understandable and persuasive to both HCPs and patients.

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