Getting Funding
from investors

The role of proteins in cancer
pathophysiology easily
explained with fast sketch

Convince investors

The development of novel first-in-class drugs for the treatment of cancer and other major diseases is very expensive. In order to convince investors of your project, you need to make it clear to them which mechanisms underlie the disease and how the treatment approach will work.

That is why it was crucial for our client to make the medical background information available to us and, in close collaboration, find a way to process this information, making it as easy to understand as possible.

Scientific Background Information

3D Animation versus Fast Sketch Animation

Each stage in the life cycle of a product has its unique requirements. These are even more challenging when your drug is based on an already established active ingredient. Our client offers an improved formulation of a well-known chemotherapy and has a wealth of pre-clinical and clinical data supporting the use of this liposomal formulation that minimizes the risk of cardiotoxicity.

To supply potential investors with quick and easy-to-understand information about our technological approach, we chose a Fast Sketch animation. Step by step, the explanations appear written in chalk on a blackboard.