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Rare Disease Awareness

Reaching a widespread patient community

What did the client need?

Being the sole producer of a highly-specific treatment for Pompe disease, our client’s main concern was not an overcrowded market, but instead the undercrowded practices. With an incidence of only 1 in 40,000 individuals, and symptoms that are very difficult to diagnose until the disease has progressed, physicians struggle to diagnose Pompe patients correctly. In order to educate both patients and physicians, our client wanted to discuss the disease characteristics, the underlying pathophysiology, and the diagnostic methods in a comprehensive animation film, which would also show the molecular details of disease progression in muscle cells.

How did we meet this need?

As the Pompe patient community is very well informed, there was no need to produce two different films for professional and lay audiences. Instead, we created a 7-minute film consisting of three modules: “What is Pompe disease?”, “Pathophysiology of Pompe disease”, and “Diagnosing Pompe disease”. 2D silhouettes of an infant, a child, and an adult are meant to unite the patient community and represent the different age-dependent onset forms of Pompe disease. At the end of each module, the viewer is guided to the Pompe website, where more information about the disease as well as its diagnosis and treatment can be found.

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