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Understanding Hemophilia

Visualizing the coagulation cascade comprehensibly

What did the client need?

Our client already used existing videos to help communicate a new therapeutic approach to hemophilia. However, these videos were out-of-date and our clients needed more modern, visually impressive materials which could help explain the medical basis behind the process of hemostasis (blood clotting), including the coagulation cascade. These materials should also illustrate how their brand new and innovative therapeutic approach could benefit patients.

How did we meet this need?

We developed 2 modular films which the client could use either stand alone or together, depending on the audience and requirement. The first film was an exciting 3D journey through the blood vessels to help the viewer visualize and understand the process of blood clotting and the issues a hemophiliac patient may have. The problems with existing therapeutic solutions were also explained. In the second film, we further developed the 3D scenes and created an eye-catching 3D model of the molecule and the technology behind the client’s innovative approach. This 3D visual could then also be used in further communication materials to support the overall brand strategy.

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