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Antisense Technology

Animated slide deck for a clinical stage compound

What did the client need?

Our client was searching for a visual tool to help him introduce a clinical stage compound and explain its mechanism of action. The investigational compound uses a very new approach in the treatment of arteriosclerosis: it directly interacts with the RNA of a target protein. By mimicking a natural regulatory mechanism, it interferes very early in the pathological cascade. A slide deck with 3 slides was planned to provide a general explanation of this antisense technology. A second slide deck with 3 slides should then emphasize the drug’s effects on the tissue level. The slides should be both attractively designed and quickly understood. To be in line with other marketing tools, it was also necessary to adapt the color scheme to match existing brand colors.

How did we meet this need?

We created a unique, customized graphical universe to explain the drug’s mechanism of action in two animated PowerPoint presentations. A first set of slides shows the normal physiology inside the cell, progressing from gene transcription to protein translation and illustrating at which step antisense oligonucleotides can interfere. A second slide deck features a schematic illustration with different organs and tissues and shows how inhibition of a special protein called ApoB100 results in reduced production of lipoproteins and thereby stops arteriosclerotic processes. With their coherent layouts and attractive 3D models, these presentations helped our client succeed in convincing key opinion leaders and training his internal staff. Additionally, the resulting key images could be used again in posters and in an eDetailer.

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