Convincing doctors
and healthcare professionals
of the benefits of a new technology

A medical device to relieve pain – function, mechanism
of action and technical details explained step by step

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A medical device for postoperative pain therapy

Our client‘s medical device provides patients with safe, simple, and effective pain therapy. The device is different to conventional methods, mainly because it is easy to set up for safe, individual use. Our job was to communicate these product benefits in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand manner to doctors, hospital managers, and nursing staff, hopefully thus convincing them to change over to the new device. Because patient-controlled postoperative pain therapy harbors considerable risks, doctors and nursing staff tend to prefer trusted technologies and view new methods or medical devices with skepticism.

The conceptional draft from the storyboard
and the final look in the film – as a special safety feature, the medical device is blocked for 20 minutes after use.

Our greatest challenge lay in convincing doctors and nursing staff to even consider changing to a new system. The technical advantages of the device had to be highlighted. We had to make it clear that a change was worthwhile.

Real film vs. 3D animation

Semi-transparent depiction of the medication inside the medical device

As a client, when requesting a user video, you are often first asked if you want real film or animation. In the majority of cases, computer animation provides clear advantages over real film footage:

  • scenes can be planned and produced more precisely
  • animated sectional views and partially transparent depictions can illustrate processes and functions inside a device
  • subsequent corrections of a medical-device animation are much easier to carry out than with real film
  • animated people in the images can be adapted more easily to various markets and cultures
  • animations can be more attractively cut and processed in a more optically impressive way

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