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Medical animation and slide decks

Visual communication is a key task in the pharmaceutical industry; it goes beyond the scope of all-encompassing training tools. We at CAST Pharma can support you whenever scientific information needs to be conveyed to a professional target group such as medical affairs: whether through visual 2D infographics, comprehensive and vivid slide decks, or animated films using 2D or 3D elements. We have a sophisticated in-house team of medical content developers who make sure that the created output is scientifically correct and in line with published data. Everything we produce can stand alone and be used for specific purposes, but can also be integrated into other training tools or formats. Furthermore, once 3D and 2D elements are produced for one project, they can be easily extracted and used for future projects, for example as images in slide decks or print materials.

Mechanism of action

Every treatment has a unique story to tell

Even a very complicated mechanism of action can be explained clearly and vividly. Using graphical universes of varying complexity and diverse output formats, we can customize your MoA for different purposes and target audiences such as medical affairs, key opinion leaders, and other stakeholders. The advantage of visually presenting the abstract concept of an MoA is that graphics are very memorable: essential information about your product is understood by and stays with your audience.

Mechanism of disease

Elucidating the background learners need

Illustrating a mechanism of disease can help raise awareness about the disease and its treatment. An audience that thoroughly understand the molecular and cellular processes leading to the disease is better able to understand exactly where and how a specific product interacts with them. Our diverse visual output formats allow you to depict multistep processes comprehensively and vividly. Animated films explaining the MoD can make an emotional impact, leading to a deeper understanding of the disease and its burden on patients.

Slide decks

Turning data into stories

Explaining large amounts of dry content such as study results can strain your audience’s attention span. Visually appealing output formats that use the power of 2D infographics and animated 3D graphics can make data visualization more engaging for your audience. In data visualization, key messages are clearly defined and presented with the perfect balance of text and graphics; this ensures your chosen function, whether it is self-study or a presentation, is best served. For scientific slide decks, even complex sequential graphics and customized images are easy to implement with classic PowerPoint tools, thus ensuring that your presentation is accessible to everyone without requiring extra programs.

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