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Postpartum Hemorrhage

A frightening but preventable complication explained

What did the client need?

The client’s product for treating postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) had been on the market for quite a while already. The client now wanted to draw attention to the fact that PPH is the most preventable cause of maternal death, affecting not only developing countries, but also developed nations. The main goal was to communicate the advantages of an oxytocin analog over oxytocin itself in the treatment of PPH: The longer half-life of the analog allows for a convenient single injection rather than the administration of the solution through a drip. The greatest challenge of the project was to present a bloody topic in obstetrics strikingly and realistically enough while still being sensitive about it. This was why 3D animation was chosen to approach the topic.

How did we meet this need?

To illustrate the alarming high incidence rate of PPH worldwide, we animated red push pins that stick into a rotating 3D globe. This is followed by an animation that illustrates the characteristics of postpartum hemorrhage and the conditions under which it develops. The bleeding and the missing contractions are shown with the help of a uterus cross section. As PPH occurs more often after cesarean delivery, we also animated this scenario. Next, the active ingredient – an oxytocin analog – is presented as a modern-looking ball-and-stick model. Its transport via the blood stream, the binding to its receptor, and the subsequent contraction of the smooth muscle cells are shown realistically. The viewer can follow how fast the bleeding stops. The film also features a short interview section with a key opinion leader to further strengthen the trust in the product. He gives insight into his daily clinical routine and shares the experience he has had with the product.

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