Communicating complex content clearly with animated infographics

If you need to take in a lot of information within a short space of time, you cannot afford to delve into complicated tables or long scientific papers. Graphics such as pie charts or bar graphs might have the goal of making information clear at a single glance but they are often very data intensive. Figures and texts repeatedly get in the way of seeing the whole picture. Computer programs that generate these diagrams, such as Excel, are certainly adequate for private and basic scientific purposes but not for material meant to convince investors, patients, or doctors of the validity of your ideas.

Conveying complex scientific content, comparisons, and unique selling points to a target group in a way that is both effective and easy to understand is an objective missed all too often in the real world. Crammed PPT presentations or documents make it difficult to absorb information and remember it for any length of time.

It is, though, not an impossible task to translate comprehensive clinical trial results, prevalence data, or statistical values into attractive and comprehensible infographics. Numerous options and styles are available, their quality far beyond what standard software can offer. Infographics convey content rapidly and with precision. For that reason, they are one of the most efficient, attractive, and easy-to-understand ways to convey the core message regarding your product or new compound to your target group.

Let your data speak for itself, without long-winded explanations. Infographics, whether 2D, 3D, or sketched, unfold their effect particularly well as animations or in media formats such as PowerPoint presentations, tablet applications, or interactive training tools.

We have compiled a few examples for you that demonstrate how, with visual storytelling, we have gotten so much more out of clinical trial results, statistics, tables, comparisons, and texts.

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