Why pharmaceutical companies need a visual storytelling agency

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies today work with many specialized agencies to position their brands and develop their communication goals for different therapeutic areas. It is often difficult to determine which tasks can be performed by which type of agency.

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Analogies – thinking outside the box

Medical and marketing managers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry are often faced with the following problem: Despite having produced extensive materials, they still fail to get their key message across to the target audience. Read more

How to effectively retain knowledge

It happens. Mixing up terms, stumbling over complicated phrases, or forgetting key information. Whether working in sales or medical affairs, it can be tough to remember all the details. The cost of forgetting can mean not being taken seriously by peers or even damaging relationships with KOLs. Read more

Reinforcement training tools: How to develop transferable knowledge

Learning is not a singular event. It’s a journey. A crucial part of this journey is developing transferable knowledge that lets us apply what we’ve learned in many different contexts.

Learning facts, concepts, and terminology is the first step towards developing transferable knowledge. When taking this first step, learners may face these three challenges: Read more

Engaging eLearning tools with a fresh editorial design

Every day, employees working in medical affairs use high-quality apps and read interactive digital publications with a sleek and clean design. They do all of this after they get home from work. And the next day the same employees go to work and sit in front of boring slides to learn information crucial for their profession. How design can engage or derail an eLearning.  Read more

How to create an effective learning and development program for medical affairs–part 2

An interview with Thomas Frei, executive creative director at CAST PHARMA

This is the second part of an interview with Thomas Frei, executive creative director of CAST PHARMA, offering insights into the learning and development (L&D) philosophy of CAST PHARMA. Read more

How to create an effective learning and development program for medical affairs–part 1

An interview with Thomas Frei, executive creative director at CAST PHARMA

Learning and development (L&D) is something that accompanies you throughout your entire life. Learning for your career does not end with graduation or an academic degree. Read more

Don’t overload your learners: Getting rid of redundant explanations of visuals in eLearning tools

Creating eLearning tools for medical affairs is a complex project. The scientific content needs to be carefully compiled and organized, and different theories about learning need to be considered in order to design a didactic concept. Read more

Laying the groundwork for a multi-unit eLearning tool for medical training

eLearning tools are important for pharmaceutical and biotech companies to provide their employees with the foundational knowledge they need for carrying out their responsibilities. Read more

Self-directed learning with PowerPoint: visually appealing and cost effective

Training for Medical Affairs is always challenging—particularly in the onboarding phase, when employees with different knowledge levels start their jobs at different points in time. Read more