New Targets for Treating COPD

Visualization of ongoing research

What did the client need?

When our client approached us about a new project, they were simultaneously developing three new treatment options for chronic inflammation in COPD and asthma. Although these substances had not yet reached the commercial stage and could therefore not be named, our client still wanted to start an awareness campaign. The aim was to create interest in three promising intracellular targets and the potential new treatment options directed at them. Our client wanted three short animations (primarily for use in PowerPoint presentations) that would explain the new developments in a way suitable for both professional and non-professional audiences. To achieve this, each film should feature one of the possible treatments and explain the detailed mode of action starting from a common, easy-to-understand scenario.

How did we meet this need?

As planned, we developed three separate films, each focusing on a specific intracellular target molecule: Jak, p38, or Syk. Each film begins by showing a human 3D model inhaling potential inflammatory agents, such as pollen. Starting from this situation that everyone understands, the animation then follows the irritating agents into the inflamed airways. Next, the film zooms in on the cell surface, showing how different receptors bind signaling molecules released during inflammation. Following one of these signals, the viewer travels into the cell to learn about the sequence of molecular processes in the cell. By traveling step by step from the macroscopic human model to the microscopic molecular models, even a lay audience can understand the story, while the speed and narration of the films keep a professional audience interested. Each film ends with a short explanation of how inhibiting the target site could ameliorate the inflammation.

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