A multifaceted training tool

A comprehensive set of learning tools to prepare for the global launch of a new asthma treatment

The challenge

A well-established company was preparing to launch a new treatment option for a particular kind of asthma, the first product developed by their own in-house team. They initially asked for a comprehensive training tool for medical science liaisons, an ambitious project that continued to grow ever greater as new needs and possibilities were identified.

The content that needed to be communicated was formidable. Before the product could be introduced, a detailed lesson on the scientific background of asthma’s pathogenesis was needed: this included an overview of the human immune response and profiles of its various players, as well as the basics of anatomy and pathophysiology. The product’s specifics followed: its properties, history, development, and mechanism of action. Finally, the material moved into a more business-oriented exploration of the product’s competitive landscape, market share, and objection handling.

Our first challenge was establishing the best way to organize and present the mass of detail to be taught. Our highly expert medical team built a framework of dependable scientific data, defined the learning objectives, and generated lists of reference material. In-house graphics experts decided on an appealingly light style and recurring characters that would engage and hold the attention of audiences confronted with masses of factual information. A narrative tone was set, and the data was integrated into a blend of scientific illustrations, captivating animations, and interactive elements.

The end result was a set of high-quality deliverables in various formats, designed for different uses and audiences, all addressing an enormous range of topics. The first is a classroom tool to train heads of medical affairs who then go on to train local MSLs in various countries. This train-the-trainer course takes the form of a highly interactive PowerPoint presentation consisting of four modules with approximately 140 slides each. A helpful accompanying manual provides instructions on using the PPT, recommendations for optimal narrative flow, speaker‘s notes, and references to all the relevant background information.

The deliverables also included a “STUDIUM” course: for this web application, the training course was adapted into a format that would make the knowledge base more accessible for smaller countries. The material, which is generally designed for easy localization and adaptation for local markets, is optimized in terms of file size and accessibility for areas with slow internet bandwidth.

A self-study tool for iPad was provided as well: the same graphical universe and characters are used in order to maintain consistency, and a lively combination of videos, interactive aspects, and entertaining games allow trainees to review and consolidate the knowledge acquired during the training program.

CAST PHARMA’s interactive and visual approach is the key to our products’ efficacy. Multiple pedagogical studies show that new facts are learned and retained best when taught visually, and the teaching success of VISUAL STORYTELLING’s combination of text and graphics proves it. In this effective learning tool, animations and interactive elements support content while a visual story provides consistency and helps maintain coherence even in such a large, ambitious project. In turn, understanding improves and the trainee is better able to put the new information into context and use.

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