Targeting Heme Malignancies

Illustrating clinical stage research for professional audiences

What did the client need?

With their small molecule inhibitor in phase I and II trials and a very similar competing substance further along in clinical testing, our client needed a way to convincingly depict their current scientific research. Intrigued by the case studies on our website, they approached us to request a series of medical illustrations to be used in posters and publications, on their website, and as part of their medical platform. A major medical congress was imminent and their search for suitable investors ongoing, so our client asked us to produce a set of highly scientific illustrations that could be adapted to a more promotional style. In this way, they were able to choose the look best suited for each task.

How did we meet this need?

Following a thorough research of the literature and a kick-off meeting, we agreed on the production of three illustrations. These illustrations should depict the distribution of the therapeutic target throughout the body, the interaction in the tumor microenvironment, and the signaling inside the cell. The illustrations were designed in a style similar to that used in scientific publications. In order to avoid too much labeling on the illustration itself, we used a small key on the edge of the image to introduce the protagonists. All proteins depicted, namely the target molecule and the relevant receptors and ligands, were modeled on the basis of scientific crystallographic protein data (PDB database), thus creating a scientifically correct and visually exciting look.

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