Next Generation PAH Drugs

From scientific medical posters to launch support

What did the client need?

Even at an early stage of drug development there is a clear need to create awareness for a new target or treatment approach in the scientific community. Our customer needed illustrations for their poster presentations during huge scientific congresses that would make them stand out among the numerous other posters. As the drug development process progressed, our customer wanted to develop several other materials, such as a medical platform, a patient information video, and a scientific mode of action animation. Thus, we were able to support our customer with different means of VISUAL STORYTELLING before, during, and after the launch.

How did we meet this need?

Over the course of the whole drug development process, the communication objectives change from highly scientific to educational and finally to promotional. To support all these different needs with visually exciting materials, we first developed a unique universe of colors and shapes for the different molecules and tissues needed to understand the novel treatment approach and the drug’s unique mode of action. The resulting illustration received great feedback at several congresses, so further scientific illustrations within the same graphical universe were produced for a medical platform. This platform was developed in close cooperation with our customer and a medical communication agency to inform physicians about the upcoming clinical trials. The next step was to bring the whole story to life: A 3D animation video was produced to explain the pathophysiology of the disease and the mode of action of the drug to patients. Moreover, short animations showing the unique chemical features of the drug as well as how it binds to its target were produced to support pre-launch activities. Finally, after the approval of the drug, we adapted all the existing material using the final brand colors and produced a branded mode of action video distributed to HCPs during the launch event.

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