What is COPD?

Creating awareness with Fast Sketch animations

What did the client need?

Instead of communicating with patients indirectly through the physician, our client wanted to produce two informative films about COPD for the patients themselves. As many patients have a limited understanding of their own condition, the films should answer the simple questions: “What is COPD?” and “How can I adjust my lifestyle in order to live with COPD?”. Both films were designed to be embedded in an app enabling patients to inform themselves in an easy and at the same time modern way.

How did we meet this need?

We created two short films, focusing on the health and lifestyle of Jim, a fictitious COPD patient. Since the videos were intended for smartphones, the graphical presentation of Jim’s story had to be both minimalist and easy to understand. Using a simple Fast Sketch style, the viewer is introduced to the underlying causes of Jim’s condition and learns how Jim manages his everyday life. The combination of cartoon-like Fast Sketch animations, a catchy sound design, and a warm female voice-over lends the films a lighthearted tone while conveying memorable facts about COPD. After finalization of the initial project, country adaptations were produced for French-, Spanish- and also Portuguese-speaking markets.

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