Multiple Myeloma MoA

Introducing the mechanism of action of
a new blockbuster compound

Informing an Internal Audience

The product launch of compounds promising blockbuster sales need to be especially carefully prepared. High-quality 3D animation films about the mechanism of disease and the mechanism of action provide internal target groups with exact information about indication, market situation and the different modes of action.

Challenging Approval System

As with every project, we received a comprehensive scientific briefing. After further research, our conception team developed detailed storyboards on MoD and MoA.

Having developed an easy-to-grasp story for MoD and MoA, we needed both the storyboards and the final 3D animation films to be approved by an extensive approval system.


Informing an Internal Audience about the MoD and MoA

Multiple Deliverables

Also, as with almost every project, we received inquiries from several of our client’s departments and from agencies who prepared the most varied materials for the client. This meant that on the basis of the data developed for the films, we were able to provide a range of further digital deliverables:

  • Interactive PowerPoint presentation about the MoA
  • Hig-res images for congress booths
  • 3D model of the target molecule to be produced by a 3D printer
  • Cleanfeed material for language adaptations