Acoustic neuromodulation

Challenging conventional therapies

What did the client need?

Because our client’s therapeutic approach to tinnitus challenges the conventional view of the disease and how it is generally treated, they wanted to reach patients directly with an educational animation film. The film was to explain the origins of the illness, how the therapy is conducted, and why the therapy is effective. It needed to focus on the fact that the new neurostimulation therapy was developed based on scientific findings that tinnitus is a pathophysiological condition originating in the auditory center and not just psychological or stress-associated. The aim was to motivate patients to proactively ask their healthcare practitioner about the innovative therapy.

How did we meet this need?

Using easy-to-understand 3D animations and visual analogies, we produced a comprehensive seven-minute video to discuss the illness and the new therapy. Straightforward graphics illustrate the journey of an acoustic signal from the ear to the auditory cortex and explain how signal impairment can lead to persistent ringing in the ear. Subsequently, the principle of acoustic neuromodulation is explained by showing how therapy tones based on algorithmic calculations can alleviate the tinnitus. The treatment implementation is demonstrated on a human 3D model and study results are presented in 2D graphs, thereby translating complex information about the device and the effectiveness of the therapy into visuals the patient can understand.

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