Bipolar I Disorder

Introducing a novel drug class

What did the client need?

In order to establish a new product in the competitive antipsychotic market, our client wanted to produce a scientific 3D animation film with a very modern look and feel. The product had been launched previously, but market shares were not developing as expected. With the advent of new treatment guidelines from the American Psychiatric Association, the aim now was to clearly define the specific treatment niche in a subset of bipolar I patients. As with many antipsychotics, the detailed mode of action of the product was not known. Therefore, the very complex receptor binding properties had to be highlighted to differentiate the compound from its competitors.

How did we meet this need?

Using a very clear graphical style, a 5-minute 3D animation film was produced. Rather than depicting the complex receptor binding profile at various sites in the brain, a more abstract receptor “carousel” was developed to accommodate all relevant information and maintain the modern look and feel. To lend the film credibility, the narration was done by a well-known KOL. As he is not a professional speaker, we arranged a professional coaching and recording session for him. For use at congresses, a second, stereoscopic version of the animation was created.

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