Post-stroke Recovery

Explaining a complex pathological cascade in the brain

What did the client need?

Experts in the field of neuroscience are not easy to convince. Therefore our client requested a colorful, scientifically sound animation film to bring reliance on their product and wow the audience at several congresses. It was important for the client to communicate that the severity of stroke does not just result of the ischemic event itself but rather the pathological cascade that happens in the surrounding neuronal tissue – the penumbra. As this cascade is multifactorial, a drug was needed that targets the cascade at different points. The film was supposed to create awareness for the complex disease and pave the way for the mode of action of the client’s product. Embedded KOL interviews should pad the information given by the speaker’s text.

How did we meet this need?

An all-encompassing 7-minute-film was developed which was split into 2 modules with the first module describing the pathophysiology of stroke and the second module describing post-stroke treatment option. To bring recent paper knowledge into vivid animation, we created a realistic network of several neurons and their supportive glia cells. The viewer can follow the steps of the pathophysiological cascade and witness how cell after cell is dying if help does not come fast. Accompanying graphs help to structure the content and summarize the animated events. Longer animation pieces alternate with short expert interviews to not lose the viewer’s attention. In the last module, the different key steps in the pathology of stroke are targeted by the client’s drug to show its multifactorial mode of action.

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