Right Heart Catheter

Bringing physicians aboard – Education for investigators

What did the client need?

After a new drug has proven its tolerability and safety in healthy volunteers, its efficacy must be confirmed in patients. Our customer contacted us at this stage of the clinical drug development program with the need for an educational video. The new medication was being developed for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), a rare disease characterized by elevated pressure in the pulmonary arteries. A proper diagnosis of PAH was a prerequisite for inclusion of patients in the clinical study. Moreover, the determination of several hemodynamic parameters was the basis for measuring the primary endpoints of the study and treatment success. The right heart catheter (RHC) is the gold standard for diagnosis and disease monitoring and the educational animation should refresh the investigator’s knowledge about this method.

How did we meet this need?

Recruiting investigators is a highly competitive field and well-trained physicians are essential to obtain reproducible and reliable study data. To convince physicians to take part in the clinical study and to give them all necessary information, we produced a series of visually exciting yet anatomically correct animations providing unique insights into the human body and the applied method. The first animation explains the pathology of pulmonary hypertension and its various subtypes, including PAH. Next, the right heart catheter (RHC) is introduced as the gold standard for diagnosis and assessment of PAH. The third module offers practical instruction on how to insert the RHC into the patient and shows the whole procedure step by step. After that, the directly measured parameters are explained in detail along with how they can be used to calculate further hemodynamic parameters. The final animation shows common mistakes and how they can be avoided in clinical practice. The different chapters were provided as a DVD that allowed each module to be played separately, an optimal output form for medical training.

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