Prostate cancer vaccine

Reaching out to stakeholders

What did the client need?

Inspired by other 3D animations at the ASCO congress our client wanted to produce an animation film to depict their own investigational therapeutic approach. Mimicking the look of electron microscopy images, they wanted to show how their novel prostate cancer vaccine might stimulate a targeted immune response against tumor cells. In addition to supporting their scientific communication strategy, the aim was also to use this film at upcoming congresses to educate potential investors.

How did we meet this need?

Our animation film starts with the injection of the vaccine and shows how the vaccine interacts with certain immune cells in order to heighten their sensitivity to prostate cancer antigens. The film explains every detail of the proposed mode of action. To aid understanding, however, the language is kept simple while the images tell the visual story. In this way, the film is suitable for professionals and investors alike.

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