Convincing HCPs of a product’s efficacy

What did the client need?

We had already produced a 3D mode-of-action film to inform patients and their relatives about our client’s phytopharmaceutical product. However, it turned out that it was not the patients but rather the physicians who struggled to accept what they understood as an unconventional, alternative treatment for neurodegenerative diseases. Instead, they tended to stick to their routine prescriptions, ignoring the fact that the efficacy of this product had been proven in numerous studies. For this reason, our client wanted to produce a second animation film specifically for physicians to convince them about this phytopharmaceutical.

How did we meet this need?

Based on the knowledge we had already gained from producing the first film, we developed a new visual story with a focus on the available scientific data. We created a transparent 3D neuronal network, which allowed us to show the development of ROS molecules in the mitochondria and depict their detrimental effects in the neuron. Since we were aware that some physicians perceive phytopharmaceuticals as less effective, we deliberately chose a very modern, sleek look in order to disguise its phytopharmaceutical background and lend more weight to the efficacy data.

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