Same Drug – New Galenics

An absorbing short story

What did the client need?

With their patent already expired and a number of generics on the market, our client wanted to launch a marketing campaign to promote their new galenic formulation. As the mode of action of the product is well known, the film was meant to focus solely on the dissolution and absorption in the stomach and intestine and ideally provide a comparison with the previous formulation. Though the film should work as a stand-alone piece, it was mainly intended as a short sequence in an interactive application and as such had to be very concise.

How did we meet this need?

Rapid dissolution and fast uptake were the main characteristics of the new galenic formulation. To communicate this, we produced a 1-minute 3D animation in which the viewer follows the tablet from the mouth into the stomach, where it dissolves. The entire film has a very fast pace, subtly illustrating the rapid dissolution and action of the new formulation. To compare the dissolution rates of the old and the new formulation, a split screen shows the two tablets dissolving next to each other. The use of narration and on-screen text is significantly reduced to avoid confusing the viewer during this fast-paced video.

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