HER3 as a New Target

From film to high-gloss booklet

What did the client need?

After extensive research on a promising new therapeutic target in the oncology field, the client needed an unbranded film to present their case findings to healthcare professionals. Poster presentations and publications were not adequate to explain the specific characteristics of their product: A film could express the client’s message more succinctly. This film was intended to illustrate malignant tumor growth and the role the family of human epidermal growth factor receptors play. The receptors needed a scientifically correct design that would allow for a cleverly devised depiction of how the client’s product binds to the receptor. The different designs of the HER2 and HER3 receptors should emphasize the specific potential of HER3 to drive multiple signaling pathways and convince the audience that this is a promising new therapeutic target.

How did we meet this need?

A 7-minute 3D animated film was produced as a promotional video to be shown at a professional conference. As part of an awareness campaign, the visual story communicates the client’s message of how cell proliferation can be controlled by targeting HER3 – a new and extremely promising strategy for fighting cancer. Accompanying the film, we produced a high-gloss booklet that used the visuals from the video and presented the key messages in short and concise text. The client distributed these educational marketing materials to interested physicians, key opinion leaders, and other important contacts. The booklet included a CD with a PowerPoint file, which healthcare professionals could directly incorporate into their own presentations to show the latest findings regarding HER3. After 2 years of successful circulation, the film, booklet, and PowerPoint needed to be updated once the active agent reached the next phase of development. The whole story was brought into line with the latest market positioning and the new brand guide. Fortunately, 3D models and small animation sequences could be reused, resulting in a cost-saving production that nevertheless had a very appealing look.

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