New Drug Delivery Method

Explaining a new mode of delivery for an established drug

What did the client need?

The client had previously developed a successful monoclonal antibody for the treatment of hematological and immunological diseases. Administering the drug was a lengthy process that took several hours intravenously. After developing an innovative, enzyme-based delivery system for the drug, it could be administered per injection subcutaneously. A film, which illustrates the advantages of the novel mode of delivery, was needed to educate healthcare professionals and strategically place the innovative injection on the market.

How did we meet this need?

We met this need by creating a realistic, four-minute 3D animated video informing healthcare professionals about the new mode of delivery of the existing therapeutic antibody. Key in the video is the message of how the drug is delivered and its mode of action in the underlying skin tissue. Visuals depict how the drug leaves the injection needle and enters into the subcutaneous tissue being taken up due to the combination of the antibody with a recombinant human enzyme. By implementing 3D animations and close-ups of animated tissue structure, drug delivery could be illustrated in an informative and scientific manner dispelling healthcare professional misgivings about the safety and effectiveness of administering the drug subcutaneously rather than intravenously.

The film portrays the advantage for the patient and hospitals of a quick delivery method, highlighting the savings in time and subsequent costs. The film was adapted into multiple languages for use in several countries.

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