How to effectively retain knowledge

It happens. Mixing up terms, stumbling over complicated phrases, or forgetting key information. Whether working in sales or medical affairs, it can be tough to remember all the details. The cost of forgetting can mean not being taken seriously by peers or even damaging relationships with KOLs. But there are ways to fight against what the Germans call verlernen or “unlearning.”

Learning facts is the first step for acquiring comprehensive knowledge in a specific field. It serves as the foundation for more advanced levels of understanding. But it is often challenging to retain these facts in our long-term memory, making it hard to retrieve them when we need to apply newly acquired knowledge.

As you pass through the pages of an eLearning module, you gain knowledge rapidly. By the time you reach the end of the course, you can demonstrate knowledge mastery by passing an assessment. However, shortly after, you may realize that you can’t retrieve some of the facts you’ve learned. If knowledge is not transferred into your long-term memory, it is very prone to being forgotten and cannot be readily accessed. Quick knowledge retrieval in the moment of need is critical for successful interactions with KOLs and peers.

Your team needs to reinforce their knowledge.

At CAST PHARMA we offer a variety of learning tools to improve learning retention, including job aids, flash cards, mobile-based microlearning, learning reminder emails, video-based units, and podcasts.

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