Ventricular Assist Device

Educating patients about assisted ventricular support

What did the client need?

Intended for use in a heart transplantation and surgical center, our client needed a comprehensive film explaining the underlying reasons for heart insufficiency, the impact on patient health, and the need for technical solutions, including artificial hearts or supportive devices such as the VAD. Targeting patients and their relatives, the film should explain the importance of heart function for the entire organism and emphasize that during the long waiting time for a suitable donor heart, additional measures are necessary in order to keep the patient alive and healthy.

How did we meet this need?

We produced an 18-minute film for patients and relatives. Though this might seem very long, patient audiences, especially those with more serious conditions, are more inclined to detailed films and appreciate the condensed information. Despite the sensitive topic, the film has an almost matter-of-fact tone, not palliating the serious effects of heart insufficiency. Graphically, the film is a mixture of 3D animations, 2D graphics, and real life footage from the hospital.

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