Periodontitis Management

Convincing dentists of a new, convenient administration form

What did the client need?

The goal of periodontitis treatment is to thoroughly eliminate bacterial growth in the pockets around the teeth in order to prevent disease progression. Antibiotics are potent antibacterial agents and are commonly used. However, topical application of antibiotics inside the oral cavity is challenging. Our client had developed an innovative pharmaceutical form of an effective antibiotic. He was looking for an educational animation to explain the mode of application and visualize the product advantages. The animation was also intended for use at a booth at various congresses.

How did we meet this need?

For educational purposes it is necessary to use self-explanatory visuals. We decided to go for close-up animations of anatomically correct and realistic teeth with visible signs of periodontitis, allowing for a perspective that wouldn’t be feasible with real-life footage. In the final video the innovative mode of application was explained step by step, supported by short text insertions highlighting the product advantages. Together with the customer we decided to do the animation without a voice-over because in training situations there will be an instructor giving further explanations. Without narration he can easily adapt to various target audiences and react flexibly to different situations. Moreover, this setting is ideal for congresses where noise levels can be distracting.

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