Stroke Prevention

Visualization of an existing story

What did the client need?

As our clients prepared to launch their drug in a new indication (stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation), they decided not to leave informing the patients entirely up to the doctors prescribing the drug. They wanted to provide patients with an informational package including a DVD with a film. The story and the speaker’s text for the film already existed. Based on this existing material, our client asked us to produce appealing, easy to understand 3D animations visualizing the facts about atrial fibrillation and the associated risks of clot formation and stroke.

How did we meet this need?

We developed a storyboard with suggestions for 3D animations that fit well with the existing story. During the production process the client requested that further information be added to the film—it should also provide information about the drugs currently prescribed to prevent clot formation and introduce the client’s drug, the dosing regimen, and the possible adverse effects. According to the client’s requirements this additional part was comprised of 3D animations as well as live footage. In the end the client received a consistent, informational film that aids patients in understanding their disease and their current medical treatment as a whole.

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