A Matter of the Heart

Acute Coronary Syndrome perspicuously explained for patients

What did the client need?

Obstruction of coronary arteries and the resulting lack of oxygen supply to the heart muscle has remained a serious health issue, threatening patients’ lives for decades. As part of an awareness campaign the client requested a series of short informative films designed for the Internet. These films were intended to educate patients about the cause, diagnosis, and treatment of acute coronary syndrome, as well as the possibilities for intervention.

How did we meet this need?

The films were designed to have a very professional and high-quality look with easy to understand medical information. To achieve this, the films combine physicians explaining the syndrome, symptoms, and treatments with 3D animations showing the heart, coronary system, and treatment options. Visualizing the information with 3D animations optimizes the patient’s ability to understand the facts. Additionally, live footage was shot with actors and actresses depicting the patients in everyday situations to illustrate how to act in specific, especially emergency, situations. To keep a personal touch and consistently appeal to the patient, icons drawn with chalk together with brand colors were used through all of the films.

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