Treating Endometriosis

Establishing a novel endometriosis therapy

What did the client need?

A few years ago, only a minority of endometriosis cases was diagnosed correctly and patients typically underwent surgery to treat the condition. At this time, our client developed a medical treatment for endometriosis – the first of its kind – but had to overcome two obstacles: Patients could only be treated adequately once they were diagnosed correctly, and physicians had to know and accept the new treatment option before prescribing the drug. To address these points, our client wanted a film that would educate physicians and patients about the symptoms and implications of endometriosis and introduce our client’s product and its benefits.

How did we meet this need?

We produced a 4-minute animation for both patients and physicians. The biggest challenge for the graphics team was the development of the anatomically correct model of the female urogenital tract. Here, the aim was to show the lesions in and around the uterus as a serious health concern, while still engaging the viewer with a visually attractive design. For the narration, it was challenging to find a balance between professional terms and patient-friendly wording that would suit both audiences. To complete the film, explanatory 2D graphics, such as the silhouettes and charts, were used to depict study results simply and clearly.

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