Inhaler for Asthma and COPD

Sophisticated design meets efficacy

What did the client need?

We had already developed a number of 3D animations for our client over the years. From basic patient communication materials about asthma and COPD to two detailed mode-of-action films about the active ingredients of our client’s product and finally to a short “how to use” demonstration film for patients, our client already had a wide portfolio of respiratory marketing materials. Only a short introduction to their new inhaler was missing, which would provide insight into the features and functionality of this device. Here, the focus should lie on the new design and the handling of the inhaler.

How did we meet this need?

As the quality of the animation would reflect on the quality of the device itself, we decided to use a very modern, sleek look for the film. While paying attention to every detail of the device, we specifically highlighted the spiral channels in the mouthpiece, which serve to disperse the active substance into an especially fine powder. As an additional treat, we also produced a stereoscopic version of the film, which is particularly useful to attract interest at congresses.

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