Spot-on Skin Treatment

Depicting a new formulation against actinic keratosis

What did the client need?

To introduce a new treatment against actinic keratosis to the market, our client asked us to develop a film targeted to healthcare professionals. The key message should be: There is a novel approach to treat actinic keratosis using a combination of salicylic acid and a well-established, but ten-fold lower dose oncologic drug. This combination effectively improves healing of actinic keratosis lesions and at the same significantly reduces adverse effects. Additionally, the film should highlight the brush applicator used for precise spot-on treatment.

How did we meet this need?

According to the client’s needs, we developed a film that introduces the new treatment in a scientific way. First, an overview of actinic keratosis gives the target audience a basis for understanding how the disease develops, progresses, and may evolve into a squamous cell carcinoma. In a next step, the drug assembly and also the convenient and precise application are described in detail. Shortly after the project was finalized, the client requested an additional film. It was intended to distinguish the treatment described above from another treatment with the same indication, but a different patient group. Since many scenes from the existing video could be reused, all it took was a few newly developed scenes and one additional film meeting to realize the client’s goals.

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